Reach your inner peak and express your personal, spiritual and social vocation.

Nowadays, more than ever the possibility to reach our inner peaks is offered to us. The initiatory work is what helps us to overcome our limitations and gradually undo the knots that keep us from advancing on our journey and become the wonderful creatures that we are in reality. It is a path that I've already taken for a few years, and whose many facets I continue to explore (See Orwin Avalon in the Bibliography).

For more than thirty years I have carried forward a teaching practice on various topics in different countries and in different languages. (See My teachings). My goal is to take you on this path, in order to allow you, in turn, to develop your skills and to express the fullness of your potential.

My purpose is to share with as many people as possible, and in total respect for their autonomous and free will, effective tools so that they can use to access to their highest levels of consciousness. Different tools to access this knowledge under different angles are offered. (See Tools, below).

I share this knowledge through workshops, which can be arranged when a sufficient number of number participants is reached (at least ten). If you wish to arrange a workshop, please contact me through the window contact on this site.

Other means (videos and online courses) will be available later to disseminate these teachings. Leave your email address next to the video in order to get the first videos available for free.

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Since 1985 I have taught the different subjects mentioned on this site, on different continents and in four languages which I speak fluently. I also gave lectures and workshops with translators in Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. These lessons form a whole. Psychology and meditation are sister disciplines.


has allowed me to observe what happens inside me. It gave me knowledge of this beautiful kaleidoscope represented by the human soul. Then I could help others overcome their inner suffering and realize their vocations. I was also able to help myself and them through the tarots, this wonderful book of images that revealed me all the possibilities inside me and the way to express them.


has helped me discover that our inner world is one with All and that Life is an endless source available to everyone.


is the art of sharing all these discoveries.


is the art of expressing from the heart all the richness therein.

Meditation Merkaba Matrimandir
Flower of life, tree of life, kabbala, sacred geometry, elimination of programs for the suffering and expansion of consciousness on many levels.

and Management of Emotions. Get rid of the emotional knots transmitted from previous generations to enter into the consciousness of the present. Designed with Elisabeth Horowicz. According to the approach of Jacques Salomé et Jorodowsky.

Double CD Orwin Avalon

Therapeutic Morphopsychology
The face reflects the potential conflicts and their solutions.

Studies on the basis of Georges Colleuil and Jorodowsky. Interpretation of the unconscious and symbolic aspects. Support for clients to understand the origin of their difficulties and unlock them. Making a natal chart from the date of birth.

Various books published under the names of Jean Spinetta or Orwin Avalon.

All these disciplines allow people to focus:

- to reach a high level of inner harmony

- improve everyone’s health

- and to be able to find ways to really help others.

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